Festival Of Lights Reanimated

Festival of Lights 2013 - Brandenburg Gate
Festival of Lights 2013 – Brandenburg Gate

The same procedure as every year. For two weeks in October Germany’s capital Berlin is a magnet for nightphotographers. During the Festival Of Lights many buildings and some landmarks are colorfully illuminated with different techniques from static troopers to impressive light projections performed by lighting artists.

As every year the Berlin based community of Germany’s leading internet forum for Nikon shooters  Nikonpoint meets for a photowalk to shoot the most interesting objects. Yesterday we were a bunch of 9.

But just in time with the start of the show at the Brandenburg Gate it startet to rain, too. First it was just some silent drizzle, then it became a solid rain that could harm entry level camera equipment and ended up in a heavy thunderstorm which forced us to shoot from some shelter.

Thus we had to adjust our shooting to the wheather and make the rain our friend. What came out of this where images with nice reflections and some other surprises.

I had a short talk to one of the makers of the lighting show at the Brandenburg Gate. The loop started over every 15 minutes and contained some stills and even some animations. I have taken shots of some of the stills and reanimated them (much faster than in the original ofcourse). Unfortunately it was not possible to make the reflections on the ground visible because thousands of people where staring at what was going on at the gate. Thus umbrellas make the foreground. 🙂

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More to come …