My Contribution to Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck In Customs

Screenshot from Stuck In Customs
Screenshot from Stuck In Customs

The highly frequented website Stuck in Customs of American Photoartist Trey Ratcliff now also has an HDR-Tutorial in German. I had the great honour to contribute to this tutorial with my translation. Via my quality editorial Service GermanoMedia this award winning online tutorial on HDR photography is now also available in German. It is online since November 1st.

The instruction for HDR photography can already be read in several languages on Trey’s blog. Now also German fans of this image style can enjoy this online seminar in their mother tongue.

What is HDR?

HDR reads High Dynamic Range and means that a series of differently exposed photographs of the same subject are being composed, leaving only the correctly exposed parts in the final image. Thus even the over or under exposed parts of a normal image appear in the correct light. A normally exposed image of a recent digital camera model only captures about 60 per cent of the luminosity spectrum compared to the human eye. The rest will be over or under exposed. With HDR this restriction can be liftet. That is the reason for the popularity of this photographic art.

Who is Trey Ratcliff?

Trey Ratcliff is an internationally esteemed photo artist who gained a lot of publicity for this kind of photography. Trey composes images which are quite close to the human way of sight.

The photographer’s team had supported me extremely well in the course of the translation process. Trey’s very unique language and humor are a substantial contribution to the entertainment value of this teaching material.

The final result is a tutorial which gives German HDR enthusiasts an awesome threepart introduction into this subarea of photography – all for free.