Historic Office Space in Berlin City

Exclusive office space in Berlin City (near Gendarmenmarkt)
Exclusive office space in Berlin City (near Gendarmenmarkt)

Today I had an appointment with a property manager of a historic building in Berlin’s center. He gave me the assignment to shoot refurbished offices at famous Borchardt House near Gendarmenmarkt.  (You may know that my commercial photostudio specializes in real estate photography.) This was quite a challenge because those 8,000 sqft where completely empty.

But when the manager took me on a tour for a first look I immediately knew what to do. There were so many visual highlights in those offices I could concentrate on:

  • wonderful parquet all over the place,
  • different moulding in every single room from modest to bombastic shapes, from plain white to deep colors
  • impressive hallways and walk-through rooms which allowed great lines of sight
  • excellent old wooded panneling, some of them carved, on the walls
  • and finally lots of glass doors which let some light float around.

In the back part of the building I needed some lighting support from my mobile compact flash lighting kits (lightstand, umbrellas, speedlight, remote triggers), while at the street front there was lots of ambient light and thus no additional lighting necessary.

The view from the balcony allows unobstructed sight to the historic Gendarmenmarkt with its two huge Domes (French and German) and the famous Music Hall (Schauspielhaus).

More info on the shoot can be found here (in German).